Lexi's Luau

So today was the much awaited day, the day I was fretting over for so long for no reason whatsoever, the day that I have been thinking about for months...Lexi's Luau! The initial plan for the luau was elaborate as if I was planning an actual luau, I really had to cut down, then I had to cut down some more and then some more and finally I felt I had something that was manageable since I pretty much did everything by myself from the guest list to the menu to the decorations. 

I made a hula tutu (I've seen it called a Tula) for Lexi to wear for the party anticipating that she would be walking by then, she has taken a few steps but still crawling is her primary choice to get around.

I ordered her an adorable birthday onesie from Etsy.com so perfect for the occasion! I decided to get her one year pictures done in the tutu before the party just in case it got ruined, they turned out great, she's such a little model! She ended up not even wearing the tutu at the party but the one year pictures turned out so cute that I wasn't even worried about it, plus it was so hot it would have been really uncomfortable for her.

I planned on decorating the living room but my two little helpers weren't much help!

The kitchen all decked out even though the food ended up all going outside instead.

I made Lexi's cake, no luau is complete without a whole pig!

All the guests hanging out, it was so hot and muggy outside, it was a true test of love they all have for Alexis

I had made a smash cake for Lexi that looked like an apple to go with the pig but it was so embarrassing I decided to ditch it and serve her a little piece of the pig, she got the snout and looks like she enjoyed it!

Lexi's Luau was an overall success in my eyes, even though things didn't go exactly as planned I was still able to enjoy all the company and celebrate Lexi's first year of life! The trampoline was a huge hit, we definitely got our money's worth out of it in just one day!

Thank you everyone for coming!

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