Cooking Week: 9/20-9/24

This week was cooking week! It seriously was a coincidence that it happened to be the same week as Lexi's party and the week I needed to get all the food together! An awesome coincidence! WIN!!

 We started cooking week after having roasted chicken for dinner, Travis was doing the dishes and decided to show Charlotte what happens when you add dish soap to oil, she was fascinated and kept adding more and more dish soap until all the oil was pretty much broken up and gone.

 Since the oil in the pan was gone we decided to show her how water and oil don't mix.

 After stirring up the oil so she could watch it separate again. She added some food coloring after this to see what would happen, which was pretty much the same thing, lighter color ended up on the top and the darker color on the bottom.

 Here is Charlotte making oatmeal-wheat pancakes for Lexi on her birthday.

The recipe called for buttermilk (a lot of our pancake recipes do) but I never buy it so we always substitute it with our own sour milk  which is one tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar and enough milk to make one cup, let it set for about 5 minutes and voila! Charlotte was pretty surprised to see that the milk coagulated.

Rolling out flour tortillas

Washing veggies for the vegetable tray for Lexi's party. She even put all the vegetables in the separate spaces and even surprised me by keeping her snacking to a minimum!

Mixing the pudding for the banana pudding (which after the party I realized didn't get set out for the guests to enjoy)

I thought I had some pictures of her helping make Lexi's cake and some bread but guess I don't...I really enjoyed cooking with Charlotte, we even checked out a book from the library about cooking with toddlers (which we will be checking out again in the future), we didn't try any of the recipes but since we enjoyed cooking together so much we are going to do Cooking Week again. I was planning on doing it right after but thought we'd be cooked out so decided to pick a random week when we're feeling bored or maybe during the later fall when the holidays roll around and we get to cook lots of yummy treats. We checked out some books about cooking, markets, farming and restaurants and even an awesome book about food in general with lots of real pictures of food and information about calories and the food pyramid and all that interesting stuff that goes hand in hand with cooking. Here were some of our favorite books from the week:

3 books by Helen Cooper which all have recipes in them

Bring on Dinosaur Week!!!!


  1. You have a great help in the kitchen I see! Lovely cooking and experimenting , seems like a lot of fun to me.

  2. Looks great fun we're just starting to cook and I'm still a little nervous


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