Animal Week: Day 4=Reptiles And Amphibians

It's Friday and the weather is beautiful! There is no way we are spending the day inside doing "school" so we are going to the ZOOOOOOOOO! I mean what better place to learn about animals than the zoo!? So here we go!

Outside of our zoo we have a life size elephant sculpture holding a butterfly on the tip of its trunk. If you get the chance to look closer you will see that the sculpture is made out a whole bunch of butterfly cutouts!

Before we headed out to the zoo I printed some images of animals we have at our zoo for Charlotte to find while we were there.

Since today was Reptile and Amphibian Day we spent a bit of time in the Herp House. Charlotte really likes looking at the snakes and frogs and other little critters.

At the end of the trip (we were there for 4 hours) Char decided she wanted to let loose and get all wet. Since the place was practically vacant I let her go crazy! I even let Alexis out of the stroller to crawl around and splash in the fountains. It was a wonderful visit to the zoo. I'm going to say it was the best visit to the zoo ever. We have a membership so we journey there often and now that it's getting cooler I hope we'll be able to go even more.

The girls fell asleep on the way home from the zoo and had nice long relaxing refreshing naps and when Charlotte woke up she was ready to finish some activities from the previous days. We did some sorting and patterns with the fish she colored on fish day.

She did a worksheet about mammals.

I bought some prepackaged curriculum for her last year and never used it because it was right around the same time Lexi was born and I was trying to adjust to having 2 kids. But now that I have that down pat and Charlotte is becoming more and more interested in learning we are using some of the curriculum from last year. She glued patches onto jeans and we counted the squares.

She colored a worksheet on all things blue, Lexi decided to help, Char was not pleased.

Honing her cutting skills while making a sunflower.

She loves pasting, so gluing sunflower seeds to the sunflower was a real treat for her!

Finally, showing Daddy the animals she saw at the zoo.

Overall, Animal Week was mostly a success, even with a few minor bumps in the road. Next week we start Baby Week and hopefully by then we'll be back in the playroom turned school room, see you then!

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