Babies Week: 9/13-9/17

I didn't get many pictures during Babies Week, we were having too much fun! Charlotte loves babies, we have a whole basket filled to the brim with baby stuff in her room.
The first day I was the baby and Charlotte was the Mommy. She adores being the Mommy, she read me stories and tucked me into bed, brushed my hair, fed me food, all the good Mommy stuff.
We watched Sean and Madison on day 2, not a lot stuff got done that day, we took everyone on a walk around the block, found out our neighborhood was on lockdown for something that turned out to be nothing, Sean and Maddy went home and the kids slept away the rest of the day.
Day 3 we headed to the zoo! I caught wind that they were feeding the elephants a special treat and packed the girls up and headed out. We were there for a very short amount of time but we were able to see some baby animals while we were there.
Going to Grandma 'Lene's was our goal on day 4. I took Lexi's tutu to her to be sewn so I could get her one year pictures scheduled. We had a nice visit and headed home to get some lunch and much needed naps. I got both girls out of the car and both arms full of stuff and went to put Lexi down so I could put the rest of the stuff down and lo and behold little Miss Lexi refused to sit and took her first steps to a chair in the kitchen and of course since my hands were full of stuff I wasn't able to reach for my camera. What a stinker!
On the last day we talked about animals and their babies. I found some pictures online of Mommy animals and their babies and made a few activities from them, matching Mommy to baby, circling babies only, circling Mommies, naming the baby animals: puppy, kitten, joey, calf, foal, etc.
The whole week I've been pulling sheets out of the curriculum package I have. It's really just random stuff but I try to fit it in the best I can, the main stuff from the curriculum I try to use though is the letter activities. I've come to the realization that Charlotte has no real interest whatsoever in writing her letters. I can't get her to trace worth a darn, she refuses to do it so for now I'm not pressing learning letters but will try to sneak it in as I think of different ways to introduce them.
We checked out some books for Babies Week too, I had a hard time finding some about animal babies but there were plenty about human babies, here were our favorites:

Next week is cooking week and Lexi's first birthday, can't wait to tell you all about it!

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