Animal Week: Day 3=Fish

We did very little for fish day, but the stuff we did do was pretty fun. Like always, we started out with a creative story about sharks, somehow a bunny got thrown into the mix and saved the day! I'm glad I am keeping these stories for Charlotte, she is going to get a kick out of the crazy stuff she tells me! We didn't get any fish books from the library but we did read a few that we already own. I've come to the realization that we don't have many books about fish, what gives!?

We did some counting with goldfish crackers.

The best part was eating them of course!

Charlotte colored some fish (3 different colors) with the intentions of doing some sorting and patterns. All she got done was the coloring part.

Char glued muffin tin liners onto some construction paper to resemble scales like fish have. The regular white glue wasn't holding the metal liners on so I ended up switching to hot glue. After the whole piece of paper was covered, we had to set it aside in order to let the white glue we did use dry completely so we could cut out the shape of a fish.

After dinner we were able to finish up our light bulb bird project from yesterday. Decoupaged tissue paper, feathers, google eyes and polymer clay beaks.

Char's is the green one and mine is the blue one. They ended up falling from this spot onto the kitchen floor, but since there is so much tissue paper decoupaged onto the light bulbs they didn't break, yay!

Tomorrow is reptiles and amphibians!

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