The Comeback

The Cosby Sweater

The Victoria's Secret catalog never fails to amuse me. Maybe I'm just paying too much attention to the pictures or something. I guess I'm supposed to just flip through the book, decide what I want and charge up the plastic. I don't wear Victoria's Secret, they aren't even my catalogs, they are my Mom's, she happens to get her mail sent to my house. Thanks Mom! I like to flip through the catalog and try to figure out what is photoshopped or not. This picture caught my eye:
At first I thought this HAS to be photoshopped! Look at the leg on the right, how is it positioned like that!? The model is facing forward but one of her knees is facing directly to the left, quite frankly I'm kinda grossed out by this positioning. There is no way that is possible to bend your leg like that.
I happened to be wrong though. I just tried it while the photo was uploading. It IS possible yet looks pretty gruesome and is ridiculously uncomfortable. I hope they paid her the big bucks to contort her leg that way!

Oh, and an update about the model from this post, she obviously made it through the photo shoot, she was in this month's catalog looking alive and somewhat well. There's still something wrong with her lips though...

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