The Case Of The Mysterious Rash

Sometime during the week Charlotte woke up scratching her armpits. I ignored it at first but after a closer look I found this under both armpits


She had been on a walk with Travis the night before so we walked the route to see if there was anything she could have brushed up on, nope.
She also had a popsicle she'd never tried before so I thought maybe that might be it but then again why would it only be under her arms, so that was ruled out.
Possibly laundry detergent? Nope.
Then it dawned on me a few days later, the morning before the rash had appeared Charlotte was watching me get ready for the day: Shower, brush teeth, deodorant, body spray, hair gel. She always asks me to put deodorant and body spray on her and I always do but usually with the caps on. That morning I had actually   barely touched her pits with the deodorant. I felt terrible after I realized I had done this to her and deodorant  now goes on the list of things that makes her skin break out.
Hopefully this is a skin sensitivity she will grow out of or else she is going to be one stinky teen.

Edit: It took about a week for the rash to stop itching but as of 9/28 there are still traces of it...

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