Animal Week: Day 2=Birds

Bird Day, wooo! Today went a lot better than yesterday that's for sure! We started off with breakfast and creative writing about birds. Did a few chores and got down to business!

Charlotte sorting feathers by color. Working with feathers sucks, little pieces get everywhere and you can't sweep them up because the air created by the broom just blows them in all sorts of directions. I've worked with the feathers once before and vowed never to do it again but for the sake of learning I broke my vow, now I am vowing again never to use feathers!

Charlotte putting feathers on her arms in hopes that she will be able to fly too

She picked out one feather in every color and measured their length.

I wrote down their lengths and she wanted to try too.

I traced out Charlotte's arms and we measured her "wingspan"

Charlotte and Alexis coloring Charlotte's wings. Char wanted her handprint and footprint and my handprint up there as well (so it turned into the adult "Charlottebird" handprint)

When we got weary of all things bird we went and played with circles! A nice lunch of quesadillas (with circle shaped tortillas) and a few books about birds for naptime. These were the favorite picture books about birds we got from the library:

We also checked out some nonfiction bird books including a few about the life cycles of different birds and how they form inside eggs and hatch, very cool pictures.

After naptime we went outside on a bird/feather hunt. Charlotte decided she wanted to fly like a bird on the trampoline.

By the end of the day we had a wardrobe malfunction, so a fresh change of clothes and we started a bird craft. I found a way to turn old light bulbs into birds on Crafts by Amanda so that is what we started, it will have to be finished another day so we can wait for the mod podge to dry completely.

Tomorrow is Fish Day!

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