Animal Week: Day 1=Mammal Day

So we started Char's first day of school today! Just like all the big kids :) We started the day by looking out the window and watching the middle & high school kids at the bus stop. Char likes having the window open so she can yell, "Hi kids!" I'm sure they probably can't hear her and even if they did they can't see her because her head barely peeks over the window. I spent the weekend planning each day for this week, A is for Animals! It didn't go exactly as planned but the awesome thing about doing it yourself is there is always tomorrow to finish what didn't happen today! So here's a breakdown of what we did today:

Char picked out her own breakfast, oatmeal with grape jelly (blech!) After breakfast and getting dressed we wrote a story. I have been writing starting paragraphs or topic sentences to try to get Charlotte to tell creative stories and I write down what she has to say. Eventually, I'm hoping it turns into her doing her own creative writing.

The first thing on our agenda was to run some errands, first stop on the list the library. We picked out books about mammals and books about birds for bird day tomorrow. We got picture books from the children's section and some nonfiction books from the juvenile section with real animal pictures. These were our favorite picture books:

Our next stop was Dance Outfitters to get Charlotte a leotard, skirt and some tights so she can start ballet/tap class on Saturday. We hopped on over next door to the Dollar Tree after that to look for some hula hoops for Lexi's party and also found some cool dinosaur and vehicle foam stickers. After that we headed to Michael's to buy some fondant and premixed icing for Lexi's cake (that's right, I'm not making my own!). Since that was right around 11:45 I figured we'd head home for some lunch and a nap and then we'd wake up all fresh and wide-eyed ready to learn (and when I say, "we" I really mean, the girls). Both girls fell asleep on the way home. When something lucky like that happens you have to take full advantage, so I put all the shopping in the house along with my purse and my keys and headed back out to get Charlotte. Somehow the door shut and locked behind me and we were locked out. I think it was our ghost, I call him Johnathan. Anywho, to make a long story short I walked a long way to the library to use the phone to call Travis to ask him if we had a spare key, we do, walked a long way back to the house and by then both girls were awake. So continue on with Plan B.

We mostly did reading about mammals, didn't do many crafty things or worksheets. A lot of animals that are mammals never really crossed my mind that they are actually mammals, specifically: bats, armadillos, platypi (?), porcupines. Not that I didn't know they were mammals, I just never really thought about it.

Charlotte drew a picture of one her favorite mammals, the dog.

Our motto for the day was, "Mammals make milk!" Char was running around the house chanting it. So I figured, mammals make milk, milk makes ice cream...hmmm...we must investigate! Time for ice cream!
That was pretty much it for the day, considering the events that took place we got more (yet somehow less) done than I thought we would! Now for day 2, birds!

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