Good Little Mommy

Charlotte has taken quite an interest in nursing lately, I have no idea why now all of a sudden but I'm glad she doesn't even think twice about it. We had an interesting conversation about boobies the other day as I was getting her in the tub...

Charlotte: Mommy, look at my boobies!
Me: Yep
Charlotte: I got boobies just like you!
Me: You sure do, because we're girls.
Charlotte: Lexi has boobies too
Me: Yes she does, Lexi is a girl just like us. Do you know why girls have boobies?
Charlotte: So babies can drink milk from them.
Me: You are absolutely right!

When we were doing mammal week as much as I mentioned mammals make milk I did not once mention that milk comes from breasts, only that mommies make milk, I'm sure she got that just from seeing me feeding her sister all the time. I don't talk about nursing at all with Charlotte actually, I've never even told her it's called nursing and she's picked that up too. I'm just hopeful that she is this enthusiastic about nursing her children when she grows up. Here are a few other things she's been talking about when it comes to breastfeeding...

She's asked me to put her baby to sleep for her while I was nursing Lexi to sleep.
She talked about when she was a baby that she nursed like Lexi did (she weaned around 15 months so not sure if she actually remembers nursing).
Once I was talking to her while she was nursing her baby and she told me to leave her alone because she was just nursing her baby.
She'll make her baby pretend cry and say, "Oh, I just gotta feed my baby."

Not a day goes by that I am not amazed by what she picks up from just watching. She is going to be such a good little mommy one day.


  1. Thats good that she is picking it up so quickly and not like others who just stuff a little plastic bottle in their dolls mouths all the time and never know what nursing is.

  2. Well we do have a few bottles laying around the house they like to play with too, they just have expressed breast milk in them :)


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