Girls' Pick

Lexi's Pick:
Big Sister, Little Sister by Leuyen Pham
We got this book for the girls shortly after Alexis was born, it's such a sweet book. I grew up with a brother and we have a pretty good relationship but nothing compared to the relationships that my girls have. They are the cutest sisters ever. This book describes them perfectly.The author, Leuyen Pham, wrote the book for her big sister as a gift and it's narrated by the "little sister". It tells how the big sister gets to do all the fun stuff like try on lipstick and go to bed later, but, even though the little sister gets all the hand me downs and likes to be messy, she's awesome in her own unique way! It's a great story about how sisters, even though completely different, can be the best of friends.

Char's Pick:
I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! by Dr. Seuss
When I saw this book at the library I thought the title meant lick with a tongue, turns out it means lick as in fight! There are also a couple other stories in this book as well. It's an enjoyable and typical Dr. Seuss book with great rhymes and intriguing stories. We really liked reading the different stories in this book, especially The Glunk That Got Thunk. 


  1. The sister book looks so sweet! I can't wait to have more kids and see the sibling bond. =) I only have one daughter right now.

    I love Dr. Seuss but I've never read that book, I'll have to check it out next time we go to the library!

  2. Definitely look for the Dr. Seuss book, he has soo many books I've actually started checking out a couple every time we go to the library so we can experience them all!


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