Greensboro Bog Garden

We were lucky to have gorgeous weather on Sunday 9.11 so we decided to take a trip to the Greensboro Bog Garden and enjoy some peace and quiet with nature as a family. There are 4 free public gardens in Greensboro thanks to the Greensboro Beautiful project (the Bog Garden, Gateway Garden, Bicentennial Garden, and Arboretum). This is a smaller garden with more trees and bushes than flowers, there are pops of color throughout though. There are no facilities at this garden. The path is very clear and changes from dirt to a wooden boardwalk and there are smaller dirt paths that lead to some secluded places.
The Bog Garden is about 20 minutes from us
Water flows through the garden and the path leads to a small lake
This park is full of animals, we saw squirrels, ducks, geese, herons, chipmunks, and quite a few people walking their dogs. The chipmunks were like little ninjas! Just suddenly bolting out in front of us and then quickly disappearing into the leaves, I don't think the girls saw any of the chipmunks that Travis and I did. The water was full of ducks, it was duck paradise here, I've never seen so many ducks in one place! I'd love to come back when all the little ducklings are hatched, it would be a cuteness overload!

Look at all the fish!

A view of Starmount Farms Lake from the overlook

Great Blue Heron
If you take one of the smaller paths off the boardwalk it will lead you to a small memorial waterfall for the founder of the Bog Garden, Dr. Joseph Christian. There is a statue of him at the entrance of the park as well.

We really enjoyed ourselves at this garden. I definitely would recommend this park to anyone that comes to visit or lives in the area. It was clean, I didn't see any trash (there are trashcans throughout), the paths were clearly marked, nice and flat and would be easy to use a stroller on. Though there is a lot of water there are guardrails that would keep kids from falling in, some of the rails are lower in certain spots though. A few things to keep in mind when visiting this garden: dogs are allowed, there were a lot of people with dogs, the paths are wide enough for two people to pass each other but with little leeway so passing dogs will be fairly close. Also, there are no facilities, meaning, there are no bathrooms, water fountains, drink machines, etc. So pack a few drinks and your camera and come enjoy some time in this beautiful garden!

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  1. Nice! I love your pictures too esp the individual pictures of the girls.


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