Tanger Bicentennial Garden

The day we visited the Greensboro Bog Garden we also visited the Bicentennial Garden, they happen to be right across the street from each other! The Bicentennial Garden is the third out of four free public gardens in Greensboro we've visited, I haven't been disappointed by any of them. The Greensboro Beautiful project has done an amazing job with all of the gardens (Bog Garden, Bicentennial Garden, Arboretum, and Gateway Gardens) all three that we have been to have been breathtakingly beautiful and we are so lucky that they are free for the public to enjoy!
The Bicentennial Garden is about 20 minutes away from us and right across from the Bog Garden

Restroom at the front entrance

The view walking into the garden

Smelling the flowers
According to the Greensboro Beautiful website this garden is a popular place for weddings and photography. When we were there a senior happened to be getting her pictures taken, it was fun for the girls to watch the photographer pose her in different spots, I can imagine how in awe they'd be over a bride! The gazebo (pictured below) is where many of the weddings take place. The girls (sitting in the urn) are against the back wall of the gazebo, aren't they adorable? 

Space in front of the gazebo used for wedding guests
The whole garden has a paved walkway
See what looks like a ditch in the picture above filled with brush? It's actually a manmade stream that runs through the garden. We happened to look over into it and found a wonderful surprise, somebody had gone down into the little stream and took the time to create some land art! We found towers in three different locations throughout the garden, it was fun looking out for them.

There are quite a few statues scattered around the park 

There are benches everywhere which is awesome because the garden is very large. The benches also make for nice photo-op spots, if you have willing participants.

The flowers, trees, ground covering, shrubs, bushes, mossy stuff, plants, whatever you call them! They're all beautiful, well manicured, not overgrown, well watered, not wilty, brown or ugly. The displays were tasteful, the colors complimented each other nicely. What I'm trying to say is that the actual 'garden' part of the Bicentennial Garden are lovely!

Like my previous posts about the public gardens in Greensboro, I've ended by saying that I'd recommend anybody that lives in or visits the area should visit the gardens, this garden is no exception. If I had to choose one garden out of the three we've been to I would recommend this one, mostly because it offers a bit of everything. Trees, flowers, water, art, facilities, picnic tables, etc. So, with that being said...if you're ever in the area come visit this garden!
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