Pancake Sunday 9.4

Cinnamon Sugar Banana Pancakes

Here is an instance of not having a plan or ingredients for Pancake Sunday. It resulted in two fails but then a win. Woo! I wanted to make caramel banana cocoa pancakes. I didn't have cocoa so no cocoa pancakes, so I decided to make basic buttermilk pancakes.

 I don't keep caramel sauce in my house but caramel is quite easy to make if you have the proper tools. In my case, the tools (read saucepan) happened to be in the dishwasher being washed so instead of getting it out I decided to be lazy and improvise...by cooking it in the microwave.
 As you can see, I completely burned the caramel by not keeping an eye on it. It's now sitting in the sink as hard as a rock. I hope it'll dissolve with water or else I'm gonna be chipping it out of the bowl
 I let Charlotte slice the bananas while I started cooking the batter, I made a few plan pancakes for my non-pancake loving husband.
 I squirted some chocolate syrup on a couple pancakes to see how it would take to the hot griddle. It was fail #2. The syrup just bubbled away and left divots in the pancakes.
 Char finished the bananas so I started placing them on the pancakes, looked around and saw a bowl full on cinnamon sugar sitting on the counter from the graham crackers we made on Wednesday. I sprinkled it on top of the bananas and hoped for the best.

The sugar created a nice crisp crust, very similar to creme brulee. They turned out to be very delicious, I'm glad the first two ideas failed. I will try to make the banana caramel cocoa pancakes again though, those sound delicious!

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