Graham Crackers! NOM

Today I knew we had to cook something simple because I haven't gone grocery shopping yet and was low on ingredients, so somehow I decided on graham crackers. We've made graham crackers before (with a different recipe) but I think I failed to write a post about them...well forget about those because this recipe is way better! The recipe comes from Smitten Kitchen and can be found here. I have to say, I didn't quite follow the recipe exactly though, I skipped a few steps in the process and mine weren't nearly as cute.
Charlotte always asks to pose with the ingredients before we begin

We used light brown sugar instead of dark
Charlotte blending the ingredients with a pastry blender, the recipe said to use a mixer but I'm lazy and only get the mixer out when I making a few things in a row.

Daddy helped!

The dough is very sticky!

Wrap it in plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge

Go ahead and let the kiddos snack on the dough, there are no eggs!

Cinnamon sugar! Not needed though, the crackers are quite sweet without it

Cut your dough in whatever shape you'd like, I used a pizza cutter but cookie cutters work great too 

Keep an eye on them, they burn easily
 I didn't get any pictures of them separated or anybody eating them because they disappeared fast. They were so good warm that nobody could wait for them to cool, there were burnt tongues all around. For an even yummier treat, try them warm with vanilla ice cream. Not kidding, these will not disappoint you and you'll probably never buy boxed graham crackers again!
All baked, took about 25 minutes for slightly chewy crackers. It's hard to decide whether chewy or crispy is better, I like them both!

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  1. Yum! We'll have to try this one! ...maybe tonight b/c you've created a craving. lol


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