Pancake Sunday 8.28

Apple and Sausage
Oven Pancake

We went fishing in the morning so we didn't have time to make pancakes before going, so we had pancakes for dinner. My husband grumbled at this because usually he sleeps through Pancake Sunday and doesn't have to eat the pancakes, he "doesn't like pancakes." I offered to make him eggs instead which means more pancakes for me and the girls! I made an oven pancake today, one big pancake cut into squares. Turns out it was a perfect dinner pancake, very filling!

Slice up some apples and layer them on the bottom of a 9x13. 
This is 3 red delicious apples.
Next time I make this, I will be cutting the apples into chunks.
Warm up some butter, brown sugar and maple syrup.
Pour it over the apples.
Brown some sausage. 
 Layer it on top of the apples.
Add your favorite pancake batter.
I used this recipe.
Bake it at 350 until the top springs back.
Ours baked for 30 minutes. 
 We sliced it into 6 squares and served it on the plate upside down.
Add a dollop of butter and more syrup if desired.

I'd like to add, my husband made his eggs AND bacon to eat, but ended up eating 2 servings of this pancake, then he asked me if I wanted his eggs...


  1. My husband always does that lol!

    That looks so tasty, I need to make it asap!!

  2. lol, gotta love those husbands! ;)

  3. Ryan hates pancakes too!! But the more of your recipies I show the more keen he is to try some, esp this one cuz he loves breakfast sausage


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