Where Have I Been!?

Sorry all for the recent lack of posts lately. I've been focusing all of my energy on trying to get a head start with curriculum this year.
Last year I was always playing catch-up on the weekends and I didn't want to have to do that this year, especially since Lexi isn't an immobile baby anymore. I have to be prepared!
Even though we didn't finish our A-Z units from last year, you can find completed units here, I've decided to scrap those and start fresh with A. This year we're doing an ABC World Tour, I am so excited to tell you about it every week, I will be keeping to the weekly blog schedule, Monday craft, Wednesday food, etc.
I've also been working on a writing center for Charlotte since I really want to encourage her interest of reading and writing, without pushing it.
We will officially be starting "school" after Labor Day, in the mean time enjoy these sneak peeks of what I've been up too!

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