Make Something Monday: Writing Center

The writing center is done! I'm so excited to share it with you!! I love when things turn out exactly the way I have them imagined in my mind.

The whole project spurred from making a mailbox for Charlotte. She's been getting a lot of mail recently and I wanted her to have her own little spot to check. The mailbox is just made out of a saltine cracker box covered with tissue paper.

The writing center is a cardboard box leftover from moving

Double sided tape helped cover it with wrapping paper

I used the flaps I cut off from the box and made little boxes to stick on to the writing center. I later wrapped them with wrapping paper as well

There is an about me page with all of Charlotte's information, including our address so she can address her letters. There's her mailbox with a letter from mommy waiting for her.

A small calendar I got from Target and two boxes (made like the one above) filled with notecards and envelopes.

A few printables (from Persnickety Pickles) with how to's for writing a letter, making a card and writing a postcard. The index cards have addresses for the people Charlotte interacts with most. A plastic lid from a box of cards holds stickers.

I printed this alphabet chart off from abcteach.com

I wanted to buy a pad for making lists but had a hard time finding one for the price I was willing to pay, so I made my own with regular lined loose leaf paper, with a cardboard backing. The index cards have different items that Charlotte can make lists of such as colors, types of candy, different animals, etc. Last is the story section, there is a box with a pad of writing paper, a printable (that came with the other Persnickety Pickles printables) about writing a story and on the index cards are writing prompts.

Most writing centers I've seen also have crayons, pens, pencils, markers on them. Since this is low enough for Lexi to reach I keep the writing utensils in a different location that's high enough that Lexi can't reach but Charlotte can. There is also blank drawing paper (of various sizes) in the bins on the side of the desk this is on top of. This writing center is designed for Charlotte to sit down and explore by herself without me there unless of course she asks for me. I can't wait to read what she creates!


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    I look forward to reading more of your posts :)

  2. I love it! We have a writing station but it's not as elaborate.

  3. Love that there is a mailbox attachment to this center! So cute. :)

    Glad to have found you from the Teach Preschool blog!

  4. Super idea to add to our ABC's of Teaching Preschoolers! I am so glad you shared and I have found your blog! Wonderful!

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  6. Looks wonderful dear!! Can't wait to hear about everything she comes up with. By the way, if you look for more list pads later, dollar tree tends to have them, and they are magnetic, with lots of cool designs (my current one is M&M's). If you message me your addy (which I asked for before you left!) the girls will get more mail :)

  7. love it to pieces! what an educational way to further her interests while letting her have fun! am featuring this at my tip-toe thru tuesday party tomorrow! stop by if you'd like and grab a featured button!

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