Blended Banana Split

I heard a rumor that if you freeze bananas you can blend them into a fluffy ice cream like treat.
So, I froze some bananas. 
Here's a tip: take the bananas out of their peels before you freeze them, and to make things even easier for your blender, chop them into little pieces.

The peels turned a dark golden color

I started blending one banana at a time in the Magic Bullet but it proved to be too hard. I have the cordless Magic Bullet and it doesn't seem to have as much juice as one that plugs in, so in order to help it out a bit, I added some strawberry yogurt.

The strawberry yogurt and frozen banana tasted delicious blended together and I probably could have stopped at this step and the kids would have been happy.
Freeze the yogurt first if you want ice cream consistency
 I took it a step further and added some sliced strawberries! I added a sprinkle of sugar to help draw out the juices a bit.

As soon as I added the strawberry yogurt I knew I was pretty much making a banana split, so I added some chocolate syrup

 and then topped it off with whipped cream!


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  2. My girls would love this! Love that it is healthy and delicious :)


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