Girls' Pick

The girls are sick this week so instead of heading to the library, we read books we already own.

Char's pick was, Pinocchio, this is the original story of Pinocchio...not the ooey gooey Disney version. Your should read all the original fairy tales that Disney has turned to sap, you'd probably be surprised with how they turn out.

Lexi picked, Oh, the Thinks you can Think. It's a nice story about being able to think up whatever your little heart desires. Not only does it encourage you to think up this and think up that but it throws in questions as well to get your mind wheels a-turnin' Would you do this? Would you do that? and What would you do if this AND that happened? It is definitely a book that gets both my girls thinking silly thoughts and carefully considering the questions at hand. We love this book, it's a favorite for sure!

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  1. Great picks! I love Oh, the Thinks You Can Think. :)


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