Girls' Pick

Alright, I lied. 

Tonight was mommy's pick at the library. I managed to go in by myself, something that I hate to love...I KNOW you know what I mean. I was able to go in and browse without having to chase a two year old around the shelves or listen to a four year old tell me she's bored and doesn't want to look at the books for mommy. It was about 10 minutes in Heaven, hubby was out in the car waiting for me, lol.
I managed to grab these two books and the girls really enjoyed them.
Bird & Birdie in A Fine Day by Ethan Long. I've never seen this book before, I'm glad I found it. It is perfect for a beginning reader (IMO) it's just a simple conversation between two birds throughout the morning, afternoon, and night. The conversations are short but get the point across, you know what's going on, how the birds feel, etc. The words repeat just enough that after a couple times reading this your child will probably be able to read it by themselves with confidence.

The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. When I saw this book on display I had to grab it, normally I come to the library with a list in hand, the girls will pick a few that aren't on the list as well but there are sooo many books out there that some get passed over, like this one. This book is quite near and dear to me (and I'm pretty ashamed I haven't bought it yet) this book is one that I very distinctly remember my mom reading to me when I was younger. Not only do I remember the story but I remember the pictures, they always intrigued me. The little runaway bunny turning into a fish, a bird, a sailboat with big sail ears (which sounds silly but it doesn't look silly) and the mommy bunny always one step ahead of the little bunny. It's a great book and you really get a sense of the mommy bunny's love for the little bunny, it always gets me teary eyed reading it, though not as bad as Love You Forever, I can't even finish that book.
Have you read these books? I'd love to hear how you feel about them. If you haven't read them be sure to put them on your list for the library!

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  1. I actually have read the bunny one while volunteering at CHKD! It is such a sweet story, and I know your girls know exactly how the little bunny feels :)


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