Pancake Sunday 9.18

Apple Crumble

Yesterday, we went to a small local apple festival and brought home quite a few apples, so it's no surprise we're having apple pancakes today! I've made apple-raisin pancakes in the past so was trying to steer away from recipes similar to that and thought an apple streusel type pancake would be good. Turns out,  I didn't have the ingredients to make a streusel topping but I did have the ingredients to create a crumb topping, so that's what I did! I found the recipe here and, like usual, I changed it up with the ingredients I had on hand.

Spartan apples
Firm, white flesh that's not too sweet
Apples, butter, sugar, cinnamon, and a touch of water
Charlotte was all over the kitchen today! I barely had to do anything! I cut the apples and flipped the pancakes and she pretty much did everything else, from measuring ingredients to stirring the apples. She is a natural in the kitchen!

The ingredients stirred up before cooking
Letting the apples simmer
After cooking for at least 30 minutes

We added quite a few spices to our batter to make it extra fall-ish tasting, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, yum, I love the taste of fall!

Our crumble topping: butter, flour, sugar
The recipe called for the crumble to be sprinkled on top of the apple compote but I wanted it to melt into the pancakes so I sprinkled it on top before flipping. Like expected, the butter melted and the sugar created a delicious crispy crust. Perfect for soaking the apple compote juices into!

These pancakes were super delicious!

Mmmmmm, the taste of fall!

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