30 Day Challenge: Block Building

Read this post to learn all about the 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge I'm participating in, hosted by Jamie from hands on : as we grow and Anna from The Imagination Tree.

Day 3 Challenge:
I was a bit sad to see this challenge come up, only because I had just recently given away a HUGE bag of blocks to a couple with a new baby, but we still have plenty of blocks to play with and we had a lot of fun doing it.

Charlotte started out building Lego towers, I made Jenga block towers and Daddy made a block tower destroyer with the battery-powered Lego train. Press the power button and it moves full steam ahead into a freshly built tower.
 Guess who was called stingy when I suggested we try building with one color of block.
Lexi was not really into the building part of this challenge, but she did have a lot of fun knocking down towers and dumping out the blocks so she could sit in the drawer they're stored in.
Ever try to build a Lego tower with the Legos on their side?
Lexi likes using the clear blue Lego like binoculars

I built a microphone and that was officially the end of the block play. Charlotte flipped over the drawer and stood on top and gave us a good hour/hour and a half show. Songs sang included: The Lost Octopus, The Kitty Song, and The Horse Song
 Later we went out to a park and when we came home Daddy put together another fort!

There is still time to join the challenge! We'd love for you to join us and share what you're doing! Stay tuned for Day 4!


  1. Love it! Lots of your photos are not showing? Would love to see more!

  2. I laughed on the part of her dumping out the blocks and then sitting in the drawer. Hey, at least she still took part in that way. :D
    Looked like funn!

  3. @Anna, are you able to see the pictures now? I can see them all, not sure why you can't :(


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