30 Day Challenge: Mega Floor Doodles

Read all about this awesome challenge here!

We're already to Day 7 on this Challenge!? It's flying by!
Day 7:
Well ours are more Mega Wall Doodles. Our floors are all carpet, so today, while Daddy took the little ladies to the playground, I taped and taped and taped paper all over the walls!

I was so excited to see the girls' faces when they came home from the playground. Here is the exact conversation Charlotte and I had about it.

"Momma, what did you do to the walls?"
"Oh nothing, I just taped paper all over them so you can draw."
"Well what are we waiting for!? LET'S DRAW!"
she did!

She started off with a story about meeting a new friend at the playground.
 I brought out some stickers that were included with some balloons we had from Lexi's first birthday.
We made a lot of faces and some aliens too
By the afternoon the girls had drawn all over the biggest wall
After dinner they wanted to give paint a go.
I thought it would be nice and relaxing for them to do before bed
They really had fun painting all over their drawings 
Charlotte said she was putting mud on the faces
I thought for sure that drawing would be the first thing the girls would want to do when they woke the next day
Turns out they wanted to be ballerinas first
 and draw second
 All of the paper is still up because there is still a lot of paper they haven't used yet
 These two walls are near the kitchen, 
I was hoping they would feel inspired to draw while I was doing dishes or cooking
instead, they still would rather help me in the kitchen
which is A-OK with me!
(I'm still keeping the paper up just in case)

 Are you playing along with the challenge?! It's not too late to join in on the fun!!

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