Pancake Sunday 11.6

Instant Pancake Mix
Today I tried a new recipe, Alton Brown's recipe for "Instant" Pancake Mix, you know, like Bisquick. The recipe has fantabulous reviews, 500 something 5 stars. 
That's just crazy, I had to try it.
So the recipe for the dry ingredient is enough to make pancakes on 3 separate occasions.

Store your pancake mix for next Pancake Sunday
The wet ingredients called for buttermilk, like always, we didn't have any so made our own sour milk.
Just, apple cider vinegar mixed with milk.
The recipe also calls for egg whites to be mixed with the milk
it made a ton of little bubbles in the milk

Mix the wet and the dry
Mix until just combined
don't try to get the lumps out
Since these pancakes are plain you can add whatever your little heart desires.
One of my little hearts asked for bananas on her's
Since there is a lot of butter in these pancakes and you need to butter the griddle (so they don't stick)
the tops and bottoms are super yummy crispy
Just when I was finishing up my plate of pancakes, hubby woke up and ate all the rest. 
Then declared he loved them
I didn't.
The batter was way to runny for my liking and from experience runny=eggy.
I like big and fluffy.
These were borderline crepe-y to me. Everyone else liked them though so I suppose I'll be making them again, especially since I have the mix hanging out in my pantry.

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