30 Day Challenge: Water Play

Read this post to learn all about the amazing play ideas that Jamie from hands on : as we grow and Anna from The Imagination Tree have challenged us with.

Day 8:
Oh man, when I woke up this morning and saw water play, my heart sank. This was a challenge I did NOT want to do. It sounded messy and I really did not want to clean up a huge watery mess. Luckily, the weather was gorgeous outside so, I brought the water outside and the girls had a blast.

I brought out one huge bowl of water, one big empty bowl and a few little empty bowls
We mixed some food coloring but that lasted only a few seconds
The girls were having more fun just pouring the water from bowl to bowl
pouring it all over the table

All the water on top of the table made a little waterfall!
Some sidewalk chalk was thrown into the mix
suddenly, we were art-eests!
If you soak the chalk in the water
then rub it on the ground
it will make a nice paste that's perfect for painting with
We poured water all over our chalk paintings
started all over again!
Thank goodness I put play clothes on them
they were soaked
 I guess I wasn't wet enough
when I was bending over to draw on the ground
Alexis slapped me on the back with a super soaked washcloth
then she laughed and laughed and laughed

Did you play with water today!? Join the challenge, it's not too late!

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