30 Day Challenge: Play Dough {and Day 4 update}

Read this post to learn all about the challenge and to read my mission statement.

The challenge from Day 4 was
but after two failed attempts to initiate play on day 4 and a failed attempt on day 5 I decided that pretend islands was a lost cause (at least for now). I'm not really sure what happened with that because pretending to be in shark infested waters is one of their favorite things to play at the playground and lava ground is popular for the grocery store. I'm sure soon enough the girls will be hopping from pillow to pillow and I'll never be able to get anywhere in the house that I need to because all the islands will be too far apart to jump to. Day 5 went much better.

Day 5 Challenge:
We all love play dough and especially making our own. Making it is half the fun! We've been out of play dough for a little while (SHAME!) so I knew the girls would be really happy to have some around the house again. It is definitely the go to activity for them and I like it because it's not super messy but keeps them super occupied.
We used the play dough recipe that Anna from The Imagination Tree posted here.
It's mostly a no-cook recipe but, the water is supposed to be boiling so I added it in and Charlotte stirred it all together.
You can find a ton of other play dough recipes here.
Everyone helping make the play dough
So here's what we did for the challenge:
Plunk the play dough in front of the girls
Plunk some doodads in front of the girls
watch them go to town

 At first is was a bit chaotic, the girls were just squishing the dough and adding everything they could get their hands on
A birthday cake for my birthday coming up soon!
 Then they finally started slowing down, taking their time and creating things
A nice smile for a little blue man
Lexi practicing cutting 
 A Lego man garden with a little blue pond filled with pebbles
 Finally toward the end of play we had a nice jewelry shop up and running. We were creating rings, bracelets, and necklaces as fast as we could. We had very demanding customers...ourselves!

 Hey Anna! You said it's not really messy!!
As a surprise for Charlotte, I let her make some Cloud Dough after Alexis went down for her nap. You can find Cloud Dough play here at The Imagination Tree and here at Tinkerlab. It was nice to get some special one on one time with her. We spent a lot of time rubbing the cloud dough in our hands, the texture is really nice. It's so hard to describe, you just have to make it! It was fun to make big clumps of it and then rub it in our hands to "snow" down into the bin at one point it was also parmesan cheese being grated into the bin. The cloud dough turned into a bakery, filling up silicone cupcake cups, measuring spoons and cups. When we were done, we put the lid on the bin and set it aside to be able to pull out again for some fast fun!

Don't forget, it's not too late to join in on the challenge!

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  1. Love that you kept on playing and made cloud dough too! Bummer about the islands, but I understand... Henry doesn't bite at my ideas most of the time.

    And your play dough exploration looks lovely! So many ideas there!


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