Christmas Countdown 2012: Day 10

For day 10 we did a very simple craft. Contact paper and tissue paper chains. We make paper chains every year but this year we decided to make them using just contact paper (which is sticky clear paper that people use to line their shelves or quickly laminate items) and tissue paper.
Just lay the contact paper (sticky side up) on the table and stick tissue paper to it, once you're done cover with another sheet of contact paper.
Here is Lexi's finished collage. Neither of the girls wanted to use the Christmas-y colors I set out for them and that's alright with me, as long as they enjoyed working on their craft.
 Once you have the second sheet of contact paper on top cut the collage into strips to make links
 Then, start making links!
 Today was yucky and cloudy, I can't wait to see how the chain looks with the light shining through it!
Today's joke was:
What do elves learn in school?
The elf-abet

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