Christmas Countdown 2012: Day 9

Today for day 9, I made the girls Christmas themed play dough. If you haven't made play dough for your kids before you are missing out. It is so easy. Flour, water, oil, salt. Some recipes use cream of tartar, I used a recipe without. Once you have your base dough you can add whatever your heart desires!
For our Christmas themed dough I made gingerbread scented (with spices), red peppermint scented (with extract), blue with glitter, and plain green dough.
A rolling pin, cookie cutters, and various beads and buttons were set out and the girls got busy creating.
They spent quite a few hours creating, destroying, and creating again.
Alexis was so proud of her green blobby snowman
Eventually, all the play dough ended up mushed together into a big blue-green blob. The girls don't mind though. I put the leftover dough in a zipping plastic bag and it will be good to play with for a couple weeks!
We chuckled over this joke while playing with play dough
Who is the cheekiest reindeer?

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