Christmas Countdown 2012: Day 11

Today the girls were supposed to write letters to Santa. They put the letters under the tree and the elf takes them to Santa. Getting Charlotte to write when she doesn't want to is like pulling teeth. I don't normally force it on her so I just asked her periodically throughout the day what she wanted to write to Santa. Finally, she told me what to write so she could copy it herself. I left her alone to write her letter and soon she came out with her letter all folded up in a tiny square and placed it under the tree.
After she was asleep we peeked at the letter and found that instead of writing the letter herself she just folded up the letter I wrote.
That girl is a little sneaky sneak.
I found the letter she originally wrote on the kitchen table, she had ran out of room on her paper and probably got frustrated but, instead of asking me for help she decided to pass off my letter as her own.
Well, now she is going to have to write Santa an apology. Age five is going to make me lose my mind.
I will update with her reaction and the new letter when she does it.

Today's hi-larious joke
What does a cat on a beach have in common with Christmas?
Sandy claws!

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