Christmas Countdown 2012: Day 7

Day 7 is my favorite activity on the calendar every year. Homemade marshmallows. Sure I can make marshmallows every day of the week but I usually only use them in my cocoa and we usually only have cocoa when it's cold outside.
Every year the girls are more and more involved in everything we do. Soon Char will be making the marshmallows by herself and all I'll have to do is eat all of them :)

Making marshmallows is so easy, there are tons of recipes online to choose from. I love Martha Stewart's Candy-Cane Marshmallow recipe, it uses egg whites which is an extra step but there are many others that don't require egg whites.
Now that Char is older I can trust her to constantly stir the boiling sugar until the temp reaches the perfect temperature, in this case 260 degrees.
Egg whites, gelatin, and sugar mixture that's been whipping for about 15 minutes. It gets really fluffy!
The girls worked together to swirl in the red food coloring. Lexi loved swirling the color, she did a great job!

 After the marshmallows set up, cut them into desired shape and size and coat them in powdered sugar. They are extremely sticky!! Coat your knife in sugar or cooking spray too or it will stick to the marshmallows.
 Now we have a whole gallon size bag filled with peppermint marshmallows to use throughout winter! Yummmmmmm!!

 The joke of the day (for those of you wondering)
What falls but never hurts itself?

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