30 Day Challenge: Fort Building

If you recall from this post I am participating in a challenge to play with my children uninterrupted for at least 15 minutes. Today's challenge: 
Here's my prepost disclaimer: My pictures are absolutely horrific because we were having sooo much fun! The autofocus on my lens has been broken for months and they told me it would take weeks to fix it, I can't be without my camera that long so I opted to just manually focus everything. Well, the kids were moving so fast today, I couldn't focus fast enough! Sorry!!!

It took a few attempts to get the fort just right, Daddy wanted to make the fort perfect for his girls. It just wasn't working. (BTW this is the perfect challenge for Daddy to learn some new things about his girls)

Here is Lexi and Charlotte helping by putting blankets all over themselves, meanwhile, in the background Daddy is struggling with brooms trying to get a pole system set up for a tent-like fort (which failed)
Finally, Daddy gave up and asked me what I would do. 
Bring in mattresses of course! So he placed the girls' mattress over the couch, it created a bridge between the two. Charlotte immediately ran underneath the mattress, Lexi ran back and forth across the very unstable top (remember, she's the daredevil)
I decided to step in and prop the mattress up against the couch and fling sheets over the top. Voila! A fort!

Build a fort and he will come...

Shhhhh! You have to be very quiet so you can hear where he is
 Or else he'll jump out from anywhere and pull you out of the fort! AHHHHHHH!!!
Guess what, it was really the Kissy Monster instead! All is good! 

We had so much fun building our fort today. Even though it started off a little rocky, once Daddy realized they're kids, they just want to play and the fort doesn't have to be perfect everyone relaxed and we were able to enjoy the fort to its full potential. While all us girls were huddled inside, Travis went around poking his head and arms into every little crevice he could. Lots of screams and giggles happened. Once we were done with our monster fort we carried the theme and had a monster dinner! Then Charlotte announced she wanted to take a little rest in her bed, a few minutes later when I checked on her she was passed out.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow's challenge will be and where it will take us. I hope you will join us!!


  1. HAHAHAH! Oh I love the mattress.... that's perfect! And I'm so glad Daddy got involved too! What a great activity for him to take part in!

  2. I was seriously grinning while reading your post! That looks like fun! I can almost hear the eruption of giggles. We do the kissy monster here too. So much fun! I'm now following you here too :)


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