5-A-Day Books: Week 2

Guess what, I am writing this on Sunday to be posted on Monday because I am going Screen-Free this week.

Week 1 went great, Charlotte got 2 of the books pretty much down pat (The Little Red Hen and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?). She has a few hangups here and there but she knows the stories well enough to move on to new books this week. I will keep a few in my list to return back to in the future. I think I will keep Dr. Seuss's ABC in the line up this week because she shows interest in trying to read it but gets frustrated after a few letters, Put Me in the Zoo she showed no interest in reading at all, so that will be saved for later down the line, One Duck Stuck may come back in a couple of weeks, she's actually more interested in counting the animals in that than she is reading it.

So here is our list of books for week 2:

Once again, if you would like to join this challenge go to The Imagination Tree and let Anna know!

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