I've Been Up To Some Schtuff

O.M.G. if I told you all the things I accomplished today you guys would pass out from sheer exhaustion just from reading about it! I LOVE when I wake up in the mood to get crackin'! Things were tossed without even thinking twice, I whipped through rooms like a cleaning tornado and I even had time to bake some bread (which I pretty much ate half of...homemade bread is so dang good). 

I even got the girls to bed an hour early.

Holy Crapoly!

Like I said in my previous post, April is time for getting back on track and getting into that warm weather mentality of finishing errands/chores/tasks early and spending the rest of the day outside playing. We did spend some time outside and it was marvelous. The weather was perfect. We got out the sidewalk chalk and played hopscotch and drew pictures. It was pretty clear that my big girl is, well, getting bigger! She drew a few pictures that actually looked like what she said they were and she had no problem telling me which numbers went where when I was setting up hopscotch (which is perfect for teaching numbers btw) I absolutely love warm weather!

It's a "lady ghost"

A few other things I've been up to, going through some of our older art projects and putting them on the Dilly-Dali Art blog and working on some curriculum for next week! I was planning on going to the library tomorrow but thanks to the awesomeness of Facebook I saw that they are closed tomorrow! ARGH!

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