Something Had To Give!

So yesterday I posted about how awesome my day was and I was just having a whirlwind of sweet things happen and I was being productive!

All the productivity stopped last night after I got the kids to bed, my server stopped connecting on the internet (I don't even freaking know what that means!) so I couldn't post the awesome blog I had just wrote and couldn't waste time on the internet so I went to bed...at 9:30...but somehow didn't fall asleep until around after 1 something because Char woke up crying about monsters at 1 and I was still awake. I woke up late this morning, kids were both grouchy, messes were made, things were dropped, accidents happened. It was chaos! Thankfully, nap time happened nice and easy, I got my server connecting again (I couldn't tell you how) I posted my blog from yesterday, laundry is being finished, dishes are done and now I'm going through my older blog posts and doing some linking and light editing! And also still working on the Dilly-Dali Art blog with older art posts! When the kids wake up we are going to make homemade graham crackers from a recipe someone posted on Facebook yesterday, will post about those later tonight, hope they are delicious, I love graham crackers!

Yay me!


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