Screen-Free Week: April 18-24

"Anyone can participate in Screen-Free Week by simply refraining from using screens for entertainment during the week of April 18-24, 2011." screenfree.org

I will be going screen-free this week, for entertainment purposes that is...I will still be checking my emails and I think I will allot myself one hour each night after the girls go down to get a quick update on social networking and news. I will not be responding to anything though unless it is urgent.

You can make screen-free as strict as you want to or make it as lax as you want to, just as long as screens are off in your house more than they usually are. I mean, cutting cold turkey is hard for a lot of people. I will definitely be struggling without my Blackberry, I swear if I was a pirate with one hand cut off, I'd have a Blackberry installed instead of a hook.

So anyway, I'm going to try to get as much updated internet wise as I can tonight and then I'll be off enjoying life with my girls for a whole week screen-less!

So in the words of Screen-Free Week's Facebook page:
"Signing off to celebrate Screen-Free Week April 18-24! I’m turning off screens for 7 days and turning on LIFE!"

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