Pancake Sunday 4.3

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
Cream Cheese Glaze
Lexi watching Charlie eat his breakfast

Huge pancakes

First attempt, hole in bag was cut funky

Next attempt, hole was cut fine just too big!

A sticky sticky mess

Another sticky sticky mess

Finished product

A pile of sticky sticky pancakes

Lexi only ate a few bites

Charlotte only ate a few bites...

...but she enjoyed them
So my Pancake Sunday posts seem to be getting fairly popular, my friend Danielle over at Mama Dani's Musings has started her own Weekend Waffles inspired by Pancake Sunday and people are starting to send me recipes to new pancakes (which I really like getting btw...) So this Sunday we decided to try a recipe for Cinnamon Roll Pancakes that was sent to me (here's the recipe)

Here's how they were...

They were delicious if you like things that are sickly sweet. I could only eat half of one, the girls could only eat a few bites each.
My Pancake Sunday guests and I all came to a unanimous decision that they were good but the work effort to taste ratio was bad. They were very messy! I don't know what we did wrong but they didn't turn out looking at all like the pictures in the recipe!
I'm thinking that the hole we cut into the bag for the filling was too big so their was too much cinnamon roll filling in the pancakes. The spatula had a sticky mess all over it making it extremely hard to flip the pancakes, I couldn't get the spatula under the pancakes enough to flip them so they ended up getting burnt tips (which only added to the flavor I think) and when I did finally flip them they always flung hot  bubbling cinnamon filling everywhere. EEK! The cinnamon filling was getting stuck to the griddle and burning before I could pour more batter making even more of a mess!
Overall I will not be making these pancakes again, the taste wasn't enough to make me want to try tweaking the recipe to see if it would be better. I just think they were way too rich and sweet and messy! 
Real cinnamon rolls are where it's at.


  1. Boooo....I wish they had been yummier. I do agree cinnamon rolls are where it's at.

  2. I wish they were yummier too, was looking forward to some cinnamon roll goodness!


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