Pancake Sunday 4.10

Orange Cloud Pancakes

After doing Pancake Sunday for a few months now I've come to realize that a pancake recipe with "cloud" in the title seems to always have whipped egg whites and an egg type batter. I'm not really a fan of the egg-ier pancakes because they don't seem as fluffy to me, I'm just not a fan of the texture...it's kind of more like an omelette BUT Charlotte picked these pancakes out based on their picture and the fact that she loves oranges (I am not a citrus fan) so I made them for her, at least she helped! These pancakes were only okay in the taste department and a blah in the texture department, will not be making these again...thinking about how I could make an orange creamsicle type flavor, that would be an orange flavor I would enjoy!

ANYWHO, here they are!

One happy pancake "nom"er

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