Creekside Park

Did you happen to maybe notice my new tab ^^ up ^^ there ^^ on top ^^ titled 'Parks and Rec'? I've done a few park reviews on the blog and there are a TON of parks here in North Carolina so I decided to put them all under one nice convenient tab for you. My only regret is that I didn't do more reviews in Virginia, though I have been to quite a few parks in the Hampton Roads area, I'm sure I can look through all my pictures and do a few more reviews that I never got around to posting
...if I wasn't so lazy.


I digress, first park review for North Carolina shall be Creekside Park, located in Archdale. I'm not sure why we ended up at this park, I told Travis we wanted to go to the park and he drove us to this one. It's about 35 minutes away from us.
here it is!

This was a fairly nice park, it has baseball fields, a little gazebo, a rec center, a huge playground (which we didn't actually play on), some hilly trails (some paved, some not...), a disc golf course and all that other fun jazz, though it didn't have a bathroom that I could see close. Here are some pics from our trip!

View of baseball fields and gazebo

Char and Daddy headed to the trail

Sitting at the creek
This dragonfly landed on my back!
After I had stepped on a few rocks to get into the middle of the creek to take pictures, Travis points out a snake sunning itself on the rock right behind me, nice! (Note: sarcasm) I proceeded to hop back to the bank, meanwhile Travis stole the camera from me and started poking the snake with a stick. I warned him I would not take him to the hospital, he can be such a butt sometimes!

Poking it's little head out staring us down

We moved on to a non-paved trail that ran right along the side of the creek, which I thought was ridiculous because
1. Lexi was walking right along the edge
2. Travis is crazy allergic to Poison Ivy

Now, I'm no expert on the matter, I've never had Poison Ivy before, and I'm reallly not sure what it looks like but I think this is Poison Ivy.

Just so you know, I was bringing up the rear and took this picture after everyone nonchalantly walked right past this. I had to use my naggy voice and tell Travis to keep on the look out.

Little Lex sticking her toes in the water

Charlotte trying out her super awesome waterproof hiking "play shoes"

Lexi has to do everything Char does

Note to self: Never wear white shorts to park

Lexi was picking up rocks and throwing them into the water

Charlotte very proud of herself for climbing up there
When we were on our way back to the car I happened to be looking down while walking, good thing because I found myself staring at a strange little pebble that wasn't actually a pebble at all.

Alexis was quite unimpressed!

Back at the rocks we passed in the beginning
My two sweet girls!
Though the trail was enjoyable and the playground looked fun, this is a park we probably won't frequent, there are so many other parks closer to us that I highly doubt we'll be back here anytime soon. I am glad we were able to experience it though and if you're ever in the Archdale area be sure to check it out!

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