Pancake Sunday 7.24

Whole Wheat Brown Sugar Banana Bread
Vanilla Maple Glaze

These were so good.
Do you remember my last pancake post about Cake Batter Pancakes? I found the recipe on a food blog called How Sweet It Is, this is another recipe from her, she has a couple other pancake recipes I will be trying as well. 
I found myself searching the internet the other day for pancake blogs just to see what was out there as far as pancake enthusiasts. I found a few about pancake design but not many as far as different tastes. Either way, it got me thinking, 
Damn I'm lazy, I should just come up with my own recipes!

But honestly, there are so many recipes out there I want to try that I don't need to create my own recipes, so until I run out of other people's recipes to make, I won't be coming up with my own...unless there is a flavor I really must have in pancake form.
On to the pancakes, I got to try a new ingredient today. Nothing special, unless you're a baker, then it's kinda fancy...whole wheat pastry flour. We use regular whole wheat flour regularly for recipes but the pastry flour was quite different. It's stone ground so it was pretty coarse which gave the pancakes a wonderful heartiness. These pancakes would be perfect during the fall and winter, they were so thick and filling, a couple probably would have satisfied my husband (if he was a pancake fan). 

Whole wheat pastry flour

My helper for the morning, tasting spices

Dry ingredients

The little helper, helping eat the ingredients

Smashed bananas, I left them quite chunky

Milk and vanilla

After milk and vanilla added, still a bit dry

After adding bananas, still too thick to pour

After adding a bit of butter, the batter was perfect

Why yes, this is powdered sugar and maple syrup

These pancakes didn't bubble much, so you have to watch the edges
The recipe makes 12 (1/4 cup batter) nice, thick, yummy pancakes! I really enjoyed the texture of the pastry flour as opposed to regular flour, so I will definitely be switching it out in other recipes I try in the future. The pancakes weren't too sweet, and they weren't too bread-y so it didn't seem like you were eating a slice of banana bread. It's the perfect combination between banana bread and pancakes! Give these pancakes a try!!
DO IT!!!!!! 
(PS Walnuts would be bangin' in these!)


  1. This glaze rather than syrup theme is intriguing. Glad y'all are settling in well!

  2. LOL I generally have the same issue with my 'helper' helping himself to the ingredients haha

  3. Thanks for visiting Zaira!
    My little helpers love to help in the kitchen, I usually let them taste all they want, that's a perk of being the chef! ;)


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