(Regarding the title...I hope someone that reads my blog has seen the Labyrinth, you'll be able to hear that a very specific little voice in your head saying, "'Ello!")

Hello! We are here!!!

We left Saturday night and arrived Sunday morning, phew! What a ride!
I don't know how Charlotte did it, but she was able to resist the lull of the car ride, she stayed awake the whole way. It took us almost 3.5 hours exactly, with one stop for gas for the U-Haul.

After being here almost a week, the verdict is in...
we love it here, already!

The first day we were here we did some driving around, then we kinda chilled on the 4th because this blew in:
We weren't really expecting them to shoot off fireworks, but guess what!?
They did.
And last minute TRAVIS (yes, I'm putting it all on him) decided to go, I mean, last minute.
9:30 to be exact and by the time we got there the fireworks were over, and then guess what happened...
we got stuck in the after-fireworks traffic!
Ooooooh man, fun times!

After that lovely storm, I woke up to this the next day:
We had .5 mile visibility, completely clear is 10 miles (which is what Hampton Roads was) 
Neat, huh? I love fog, when I don't have to drive in it of course!

And then we were graced with this lovely sunset:
And now all of you followers and lurkers are free to be mad at me because those are the only photos I have from down here so far.
My "shutter-release button finger" is warmed up now and I can't wait to start posting pics of our awesome adventures here in teeny, tiny Whitsett, NC!

Sidenote: I am alllll ready for my first Pancake Sunday down here! Can't wait to post it, and also I'll be adding a new post (I'm thinking Wednesdays) so keep an eye out for that too!


  1. First I love the "Ello" bc I can quote the entire movie! Second I didn't know you moved? Are you renting out your house? I must have missed that blog lol

  2. First, I don't know why we've never hung out, because we seem to be twins in the awesomeness department (Travis is a master movie quoter and Charlotte is following in his footsteps)

    Second, the moving post was the only one in June, we didn't really advertise it, it was kind of a on a whim decision. We haven't come up with any concrete plans for the house, at the moment it's just sitting empty but we could care less because we're just so happy to finally be together for almost a whole week now! Wahoooooooo!

  3. Yay! It's been too long since you've been blogging regularly. I look forward to reading more about yall's adventures...with more pictures though!!

  4. I agree, it has been waaaay too long! And don't worry, more pics to come, you know I love to take pics :)

  5. Nice photos & yes, I can do your blog design too. Think of ideas & then get back to me. :-)

  6. Ha ha I'm not sure but I love seeing pics of your super cute family :) glad y'all are together!

  7. So glad everything is going so well down there...and now I want to hook up my VCR so I can watch the movie!!! (Elicia- couldn't get signed into my account)

  8. Jiza, that is so generous of you! I seriously have no ideas though :/

    Elicia, time to upgrade to Labyrinth on Blu-Ray...do it. (That means you need too upgrade to a Blu-Ray player too, lol)

  9. I do have a Blu-Ray player....just not the movie on DVD yet...there are alot of movies I need to upgrade to DVD! (woohoo I got signed on this time!!)

  10. I stand corrected! Take all your old movies to Movie Stop and trade them in to get Blu-Rays :)


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