Sprucing Up

If you're friends with me on Facebook then you know that my 5th wedding anniversary was on July 8th.  I'm so glad (and lucky!) to be married to my best friend, and I'm especially glad we were able to spend it together!! He surprised me with some potted plants since I brought a few pots with us from Virginia.

The evening he brought home the plants it stormed, we went outside to observe the lightning and found a little friend!

The next day I asked the girls to get their shoes on so we could go outside to re-pot our new plants, Lexi went through the whole shoe closet and came out with these...

The girls helped me fill the pots up with potting mix, then we planted seeds, not sure if they'll grow in time but we had fun doing it anyway. See the older girl? That's our new friend Kera, I'll post about her soon, she asked me if I would let her babysit the girls...eep! Not sure how I feel about that!

Here's our lovely Passion Flower plant, the lady that sold it to Travis warned him it would take over anywhere we put it...we'll see!

Beautiful red Dahlia, love the color!

They look like they're turning their little faces up toward the sun.

Here's our newly spruced up entrance! Can't wait to see if our seeds sprout, we planted a variety of butterfly attracting seeds (that I got from Target for $1 months ago) Marigolds and had some Sweet Basil seeds leftover that I just threw into a pot.

Here's an awesome view of the sky while sitting on my doormat. I'm really going to write a post up about the clouds here because they amaze me every. single. day. Cumulonimbus for the win!

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