Pancake Sunday 7.31

Whole Wheat Cherry Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Bean Glaze

These were really delicious pancakes! Once again (for the 3rd time in a row) I got the recipe from How Sweet It Is. It's a pretty fabulous blog if you haven't taken the time to check it out. I had guests/family come today to enjoy a Pancake Sunday brunch, my Mom and her BF. They are regular Pancake Sunday guests, but this was their first time to our new home! I hope they enjoyed their pancakes!

My helper this morning, Spider-Man

MMMMM, vanilla bean
I needed to double the recipe since I had guests, so, I just doubled all of the ingredients without thinking. Well, I should have known better than to do that because sometimes liquids don't need to be doubled. I doubled the wet ingredients in their own bowl when I should have added them straight to the dry ingredients a little bit at a time until I had the desired consistency. The result was watery batter and flat (not fluffy) pancakes...that tasted good.

Oops! Runny batter

Mmmmm, vanilla bean glaze!

Thawed frozen cherries
I decided to thicken up the thawed frozen cherries to layer between the pancakes. So, I sprinkled them with cornstarch and microwaved them until they were the desired consistency. I also added some cinnamon, they were scrumptious!

Nom Nom, Bacon
My lovely Mom looking very pleased with her pancakes!

Showing me her cherry stained face
If you like cherries, I know some of you don't ;), then try these pancakes! If you don't like cherries make them anyway, without the cherries! The vanilla bean glaze was soo good, it tasted just like cupcake frosting. Nobody can resist cupcake frosting. Nobody!

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  1. ummm looks and sound yummy...gonna have to go look for that recipie!


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