Pancake Sunday 7.17

Cake Batter Pancakes
Sprinkle Glaze

I found a delicious looking recipe for pancakes using cake mix on a website called Pinterest, are you addicted to Pinterest yet? If not, leave me your email and I'll send you an invite so you can be addicted too. So anyway, the recipe for cake batter pancakes was on an awesome blog called How Sweet It Is, which I am now following (and you should too) because all of her recipes look super delish and the pictures of her food are amazing! Practice definitely makes perfect because if you look at earlier posts they progressively get better. I, on the other hand, do not have progressively awesome pictures which I'm alright with because I'm not a professional food blogger!

 So, on to the crappy pictures!

My two sweet girls were actually awake to join me in the kitchen today


Adding sprinkles to the batter

Adding sprinkles to the glaze

I decided to do a little tutorial on making pancakes. I think a lot of people aren't very good at making pancakes because they don't know when to flip them and also they cook them over too high of a heat. I preheat my griddle to 350, then I add the batter and turn it down to around 300, with these pancakes I cooked them around 275 because I wanted to be able to cook them on one side for longer without over browning the tops.

See the edge of this pancake? It looks kinda dry and dull, not wet and shiny, it will start bubbling soon.

Here are the bubbles, but! this doesn't mean they're ready to flip yet, be patient!

Hopefully you can tell, the edge of this pancake is pulling away from the griddle ever so slightly

The bubbles that have formed are not popping and filling back up with batter which means, time to flip!
I always bang my spatula on the side of the griddle to pop the bubbles to test if they are ready...

One beautifully cooked pancake!

My glaze turned a kinda funky purpley-pink color from the sprinkles, oh well.


These pancakes (with the glaze) were good but they were super sweet, the girls only had one each and they didn't even finish that, but without the glaze the pancakes were perfect for snacking on. They weren't crumbly pancakes, the cake mix made them kinda firm and spongy so they held together quite nicely. I had left the leftover stack on the counter, when I went to make dinner that evening they were mysteriously gone. 
Would I make these again? Probably not, either way, if I were you I'd give them a try, at least for a special occasion like a birthday or whatnot, they would make good "Surprise!" pancakes 

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