I Owe You All A Post!

I've decided I need to post about something other than pancakes!

We've been loving life down here so far but it's been quite overwhelming trying to fit in a whole bunch of activities into a small amount of time.
Travis works 60+ hours a week so I've been trying to make sure the girls are able to do things with him, well, I've been going about it all wrong.
I've mucked up all of our schedules and really have been wasting more time than I should be.
So now I've been slowly trying to get our schedules in order and figuring out which activities are important for me and the girls and which ones are important for him and the girls.
As much as I want to be able to go grocery shopping with him, I realize it is something that I am able to do without him, besides he just stands around waiting for me to tell him what to do next.
Another place he is not necessarily needed is the library, that's always been a momma and girls thing for us, not sure why I expected him to start joining in now.
He's not needed to be home for me to start cooking or cleaning or schooling or shopping or even exploring the area, yet I've been waiting for him to come home before I start doing those things and it's stressing him out and frustrating me that we don't have the time to do it.
I've had to step back and realize this for myself.
Now that I have, I can start being productive again.
Since I've found that running on a (LOOSE) schedule helps me function best I've decided to implement a blog schedule to help me post regularly throughout the week.
I happened to be goofing off on Pinterest and came across the perfect schedule!

Monday will fulfill my artsy side and help me to start posting regularly on the Dilly-Dali Art blog, Tuesday is a great library time for us since we used to go on Tuesdays anyway, I already wanted to add a cooking post (besides pancakes) and already have a draft waiting, I'm going to switch it up and make it What's Cooking (with the kids) Wednesday since I love having the girls in the kitchen with me, Thursday will be something new for us but being thoughtful is definitely a quality I want my girls to have, and somewhere fun on Fridays sounds like, well...fun, and it will help me to post more reviews for my 'Parks and Rec' tab.

Now I'm not sure how to end this post soooo...



  1. Sounds like a good schedule! I look forward to all your new posts. :)

  2. I look forward to sharing them! :)

  3. can't wait to see how well readjusting how you've 'adjusted' down there goes for you!


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