Pancake Sunday 7.10

Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes

These were not buttermilk, like actual buttermilk you buy from the dairy section at the grocery store, they were


Check out "Butter River"
I got the recipe for these simple but very delicious pancakes out of a Martha Stewart Everyday Food magazine. I love that magazine. I love Martha Stewart too.

Seriously, love her.

Not sure why the recipe called for a well in the dry mix, if the liquid just completely covered it.
 The batter was incredibly thin, the thinnest I've ever made. It actually worried me a bit, I had to keep checking the recipe to make sure I added the right amounts of everything! Not only was it thin but it was lumpy! Another thing I was worried about, you always see "batter will be lumpy" but this batter was extra lumpy and I really hate finding chewy lumps with powdery flour centers, but somehow the lumps worked themselves out while cooking

Look at those giant lumps!

Oh noes!
 If you read my pancake posts regularly, you know I like a crispy outside, there was enough butter in the batter that the tops were perfectly golden brown and crispy, sooooo good. I would recommend eating these pancakes immediately after serving if you like crispy pancakes!
Nice and crispy

The recipe made at least 20 pancakes, whoa!
Put some fresh blueberries on top, add syrup (I think powdered sugar would also be yummy) and chow down!


Be careful where you leave the leftover blueberries if you have a stinkerpot toddler 
like mine.

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