September is the start of a busy month for us, just like many parents, but mine seems to be especially busy. Alexis is having her first birthday in September, Charlotte is starting dance classes in September and I have decided to start Charlotte in some type of schooling in September.

Before either of the kids were born Travis and I decided I would stay at home with them and we also decided they would go to either a private school or I would homeschool them. We decided to choose homeschooling. I've been reading reading reading everything I can on homeschooling. Checking out websites, finding out the laws, ordering catalogs for curriculum, etc. I was planning on using curriculum this year but have recently decided to go down a different (cheaper) path for at least this year and maybe even next year. My friend Danielle and I had a whole day kinda themed around the ocean for the kids a little while back. We went to the aquarium, checked out books about the ocean, had ocean themed snacks and even did some crafts. It was fun picking out all the activities and I'm sure the kids at least learned one or two things. Danielle brought up unit studies as a homeschooling method. That seemed to be kind of a pain in the butt in my first opinion but now that I have been reading and thinking about what kind of unit studies I would do I am thinking I might head down that path this year. I'm pretty excited to share with you the units we do, I'm thinking about 1-2 week long units, 5-6 days a week depending on the unit. So I'll try to update with a summary of what we did and what unit will be coming up the next week. I'm planning on leaving weeks open for whatever happens to happen, kind of an unschooling type of thinking, even though I'm not toooooo crazy about the unschooling method but at this age I don't think it's going to be too big of a deal. I'm thinking a letter a week for a total of 26 weeks of units. I had a friend of mine say there are 180 days of school in a year for a total of 36 weeks (even though she said 42?) so that leaves 10 weeks for random whatevers. 26 units +10 open weeks= 36 week school year. I will probably do a small summer school thing but it won't be as involved.

Other things that have been happening around here, like previously mentioned, Lexi's birthday party. I've had the idea of a Luau in my head for awhile, I don't know what I was thinking but my original idea was way too involved, so I cut back, mainly on the menu, then I was still overcomplicating it. I have to realize kids will entertain themselves with whatever is around and eat whatever they can find. I'm pretty sure that as long as there is cake they won't care what else is going on. I've been over stressing about this party, which is in exactly a month, but I've finally got only a few more things left to do! Lexi's outfit is almost complete, I have supplies bought, have to buy some decorations and the food but I think that's about it! PHEW!

Charlotte starts dance really soon! I am so excited about this and I think she is too, she has her shoes but I still have to buy her leotard, tights and little skirt and then she'll be set! She keeps asking me to take her to dance class school, it's so darn cute!

Before I sign off for the day, I have decided to write a book called "Phrases Your Kids Say that Remind You to Stop Cussing" This weeks entry will be brought to you by the lovely Charlotte who happened to pick up, "Whoa, what the hell was that!?" She says it exactly the same way her Daddy does, I'm so proud! *facepalm*

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