On A Recreational Mission

This is my first blog. I don't spend too much time on the computer since I have 2 rambunctious little girls that require the majority of my time, actually all my time plus some, but I am going to try to post at least once a week. I think it will help me clear my mind of things going through my head and also I'll be able to share daily activities and such that the girls and I do.

Today started out like any other Sunday, Charlotte woke me up at 7:00 on the dot, we had breakfast together, played a bit in the playroom, got dressed, yadda yadda...Alexis joined us later at around 9:00 crawling straight into the playroom to play with Charlotte, of course. Travis woke up early today to get the car inspected, yesterday was the last day but since we like procrastinating it didn't get done until today.

Wow, awesome morning.

After getting the car inspected, Travis informed me he would be playing volleyball with his uncle and usual crew of crazy people that like volleyball. I personally hate volleyball, every time I think about it I am thrown back into 9th grade and getting smacked in the face with the ball, my glasses cutting the bridge of my nose, and being sent to the nurses office...oh boohoo you're thinking, but seriously I had to walk through the cafeteria (during lunch) in my gym clothes to get to the nurses office, talk about embarrassing! (Edit: A friend recently pointed out that it was actually TENNIS that sent me to the nurse, which is why I hate tennis too)

Back on track...

Turns out today they would be playing volleyball at Northside Park in Norfolk so Travis invited the girls and I to join. When we got there both the girls were sleeping and it was raining so volleyball ended up not happening but I was able to see what the park had to offer, they have pretty nice playground equipment and they are building a pretty sweet looking street skate park, which is always exciting for little people to watch. I'm sure we will be playing there in the future.

A bit bummed about not being able to play we started our mission for the day: Try to beat the rain and discover parks we haven't played at before!

So today we were able to experience:
Northside Park in Norfolk: Although we didn't play here it is on the list for the future, and then I'll give a better review.
Woodstock Park in Virginia Beach: It has two separate play areas (including equipment and swings), one for toddlers and one for bigger kids. The play areas are actually separated into their own little wood-chipped islands. This park also has a small skate park, a nice large dog park (two separate sections, I'm assuming for big and little dogs), volleyball courts (with sand), and a field area for just plain old running in circles. I also think I saw a trail but didn't
investigate, and I don't think there are any restrooms here...
Bells Mill Park: We didn't stay long here, but we will go back when it's not raining out. Basically what it looked like to me was a bunch of grassy hills and a trail, a 5k trail to be exact. When I went on the website I was able to print off a bird guide checklist so we will be going back to check off our list of birds!
Deep Creek Lock Park: This one was found by mistake, we were turning around to go to another place and happened to notice the sign. It's off the road a little. I enjoyed this one very much, and of course Charlotte and Alexis as well...It seemed to have a very old, historical kinda feel to it. This one was thoroughly shaded, the toddler and big kid equipment were on the same wood-chipped island and the baby and big swings were right next to each other so I could have pushed Charlotte and Alexis at the same time (WIN!) Since it's right on the locks there are a few overlooks, a cool little pier (with no side rails), and a trail. It also has an old tiny grave site surrounded by a fence and a couple of shelters. There is only a porta-john, which Charlotte refuses to use...
Dismal Swamp Canal Trail: This is a park that does NOT have playground equipment. It's actually just one long paved trail, in fact it used to be part of Route 17. I loved this one, I love walking with the girls and nature and this combines both of those aspects! There are thousands of species of animals to see here and we printed off a checklist so next time we go we can try to check some of the animals off our list. The one I'm most excited about encountering is the black bear! How exciting would it be to witness a bear doing it's thang in the wild, of course there are signs posted on what to do if you happen to cross the path of one of these creatures, but I think I'd be more scared to see a coyote or bobcat. This park has no restrooms but it does have picnic tables! Can't wait to plan our next trip and start checking that list!

So that is how our rained out volleyball day went! I've inspired myself to get on the parks and recreation websites and visit all they have to offer! I can't wait to tell you all about the parks we visit!


Now time to go watch some Shark Week!

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