Tiny Dancer

Today I registered Charlotte for her first year of dance class! So excited!! She has always expressed an interest in dancing, more hip-hop or break dancing, but every little one has to start with a combo ballet/tap class. We signed her up with her little friend Sean. I think it'll be nice for her to have someone she already knows in the class with her at least for the first year while she's learning about independence and having to follow the rules. I worry a little bit about those two though, they can cause some trouble when they're together, they get really silly :p Another thing I worry about is her speaking up to go to the bathroom. She knows when she has to go and usually tells me but I'm just a bit worried about a teacher that has to handle 15 other little ones too. Probably just normal parent worries though. If an accident happens, it happens...nothing I can really do but clean it up and stress the importance of telling the teacher she has to go. Her first class will be September 11 and I will be armed with the camera! Until then I leave you with this picture of Charlotte and Sean exploring the dance studio :)

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