Dismal Swamp Canal Trail

Today we decided to bike the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail.
So we packed the two bikes onto the back of the Maxima put the trailer in the trunk and headed on our way at about 11:30 am.
I asked for lunch first but Travis said blah to that idea!
Anywho, we made it there and did our bike ride, 5 miles up and 5 miles back. The whole trail is 8.5 miles so we skimped out of 3.5 miles or a total of 7 miles.
We didn't see much, just a racoon who crossed the road and when I brought out the camera to take a picture I realized I left the battery on the charger at home.
So glad to have not seen anything interesting.
Char started the bike ride in the trailer and Lexi in the bike seat because they do not fair well in the trailer together. I think there isn't enough support for Lexi so she just ends up crying the whole time. Lexi fell asleep in the bike seat so we ended up making the switch and laying Lexi down in the trailer and Char rode in the bike seat with me. I think she enjoyed that more because she could see everything better being in that position.
After our ride we headed to Farm Fresh for their super awesome salad bar for some lunch and then everyone except me enjoyed a nice LONG nap. That's alright though I got to catch up on some trashy TV. :)

One more thing about the trail, if you are a butterfly fanatic go there! There are tons and tons of butterflies, I saw at least 10 different species.

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